1. Thomasville® Mercury Bed

    Thomasville® Mercury Bed

    This 2-chamber adjustable air bed is big on style and comfort and features a traditional quilted cover. Tri-zone comfort foam adds to the all night soothing support. Two easy-to-use wired hand controls are standard and ensure both you and your partner can enjoy your ideal level of firmness and support night after night without compromise.

    from $2,149.99
  2. Thomasville® Neptune Bed

    Thomasville® Neptune Bed

    Both you and your partner can experience all night comfort and responsiveness of healthy pressure free support with this 11" customizable 2-chamber air bed. Two inches of channel vented memory foam will cradle you in exceptional comfort night after night. Easily fine tune your comfort and support with our state-of-the-art hand controls.

    from $2,849.99
  3. Thomasville® Saturn Bed

    Thomasville® Saturn Bed

    Your entire being will respond with delight as you relax and recharge on this premium 12" 2-chamber adjustable air bed. 3 inches of STAY COOL gel memory foam enhances the outstanding personalized comfort. Superior technology provides precise adjustability from 1 to 100. When you are ready for the best sleep of your life, you are ready for Synchrony™.

    from $3,099.99
  4. Thomasville® Jupiter Bed

    Thomasville® Jupiter Bed

    Experience unsurpassed luxury and the precise adjustable support each of you deserves on this ultra premium 14" 2-chamber air bed. A 5 inch combination of gel and traditional memory foam will naturally relieve pressure and supply luxuriously comfortable, healthy support. Remain in control of your ideal sleep settings for the life of your mattress .

    from $3,499.00

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