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Sleep Science

  • Want to Avoid a Spring Cold? Get Your ZZZZs on!

    You know all those old wives’ tales and remedies that center around the common cold? Things like ‘If you don’t dress warmly, you’ll catch a cold,’ or ‘If you don’t wear socks you’ll catch a cold,’ or my personal favorite from my grandmother — ‘If you don’t get enough sleep you’re going to get run down and catch a cold.’ As it turns out, that last one is absolutely true. Sorry for making fun of you, Grandma. Continue reading

  • Using Orange Glasses For a Better Night’s Sleep

    We’re all used to putting on a pair of sunglasses before we head out to the beach or behind the wheel of our car on a sunny day, but how would you feel about putting them on for a few hours before bedtime? Sound funny? Continue reading

  • Is Sleep Surplus Just as Bad For You As Sleep Deprivation?

    We’ve all heard the news about sleep deprivation and the various health risks that have been associated with it: obesity, depression, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, high blood pressure. We’ve been told repeatedly that we should make seven to nine hours of sleep per night a priority, with each of us falling somewhere within that two hour window for the amount of sleep that is appropriate for us. It’s not often that you hear about people being at risk for sleeping too long, but now a study has been published that says that there is just as great a risk of dying earlier for those that sleep too long as for those who are sleeping too little. Continue reading

  • Israeli Scientists Use Sleep Learning to Change Smokers’ Behaviors

    The idea of being able to learn while we are asleep has always been incredibly intriguing – after all, wouldn’t it be great to be able to have a tape playing in your ears while you’re sleeping and learn a new language, or the material that you need to learn for a class or to achieve a certification? Though that specific method of learning has been disproven, that does not mean that we don’t learn in our sleep. In fact, a number of studies have established that there are certain things that can be learned while we are sleeping, and Israeli scientists have shown that a Pavlovian type of conditioning can be accomplished while we are sleeping, inducing the brain to create associations between one stimulus and another when our sense of odor is used as the unconditioned stimulus. Continue reading

  • Can Sleep Help you Slim Down?

    Dieters are always looking for a special edge, some secret that will help them shed those last few pounds or provide a jump start to losing weight. Many who have heard headlines about the relationship between sleep and weight loss have given thought to just hiding out in their beds, pulling a sort of Rip Van Winkle act in which they put themselves to sleep for days and then wake up to find that their bodies have magically burned off the fat that they’ve tried so hard to lose, but unfortunately, that’s not the way things work. In fact, sleeping too much can be just as harmful to your metabolism as sleeping too little. Continue reading

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