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Sleep Problems

  • Sleep Deprivation Is Holding You Back

    If you’re one of those highly driven types who has big goals for the future and who is all in, all the time to try and make them happen, then there’s a good chance that you’re not getting enough sleep. Far too many people feel that sleep is some kind of luxury that can be put at the bottom of their to-do list in favor of getting other, more important stuff done. But if that’s what you think, you couldn’t be farther from the truth and you may be hurting your chance of accomplishing your goals to boot. Continue reading

  • The Role of Work Start Times and Sleep Deprivation

    According to research done at the University of Pennsylvania, if workplaces would delay their morning start time, employees would end up getting a lot more rest. Continue reading

  • Cutting Out Sleep Is a Major Health Risk

    Sometimes you don’t get the sleep you need because you are simply unable to fall asleep. Stress, noise, a baby crying, sickness … all of these things can fall far beyond your control and can contribute to insomnia or sleep deprivation. Other times, lack of sleep is entirely a matter of choice. You opt to cut back on rest time in favor of staying out and partying with friends, putting in more hours into a work project, cramming hours into studying or an essay paper. Whichever it is and whether it’s your choice or not, when you cheat yourself of the sleep that you need, you’re not doing your body any favors. Continue reading

  • Aging and Sleep

    Adult children frequently find that much of the time spent with their aging parents is devoted to listening to them complain about their sleep problems. It has come to be accepted that poor sleep is just a part of being older, but the truth is that getting older does not mean that we have to lose sleep. Our sleep patterns do change as we age, but we still need the same amount of sleep that we do when we’re younger. We just go about it differently. Continue reading

  • Panic Attack or Sleep Disorder?

    Anybody who has ever experienced a panic attack knows that they can leave you convinced that you are staring death in the face, but a daytime panic attack pales in comparison to the experience of a panic attack that awakens you from a deep sleep. Chest pain, the inability to take in air, dizziness, tingling fingers, all combined with an overwhelming anxiety would make anybody think that they were in the midst of a sudden heart attack.  The terror is not easily abated, even after the emergency room informs you that you are fine.  Continue reading

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