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  • Concerns Raised Over Teen “Junk Sleep”

    Sleep experts have coined a new phrase to describe a worrying trend among teens – the term is “junk sleep”, and it specifically refers to the fact that young people are not only not getting enough sleep, but that they sleep they are getting is of poor quality because of the presence of a bevy of electronic devices. Continue reading

  • Using Orange Glasses For a Better Night’s Sleep

    We’re all used to putting on a pair of sunglasses before we head out to the beach or behind the wheel of our car on a sunny day, but how would you feel about putting them on for a few hours before bedtime? Sound funny? Continue reading

  • The Life of a Short Sleeper

    Though many of us like to believe that we are able to get by on just a few hours of sleep each night, it’s just not true according to sleep scientists. The rule of thumb is that we all need somewhere between seven and nine hours of sleep each and every night in order to function at the top of our game, and though you may think that you are the exception to the rule, the truth is that it’s just your brain playing with you. Studies have shown that people who consistently get six hours of sleep are less are operating at much reduced cognitive ability, though they don’t realize that to be the case. Some scientists theorize that after a certain level of sleep deprivation, the brain no longer remembers what it felt like to function normally, and that’s why we feel like we are ‘just fine.” Continue reading

  • Can Sleep Help you Slim Down?

    Dieters are always looking for a special edge, some secret that will help them shed those last few pounds or provide a jump start to losing weight. Many who have heard headlines about the relationship between sleep and weight loss have given thought to just hiding out in their beds, pulling a sort of Rip Van Winkle act in which they put themselves to sleep for days and then wake up to find that their bodies have magically burned off the fat that they’ve tried so hard to lose, but unfortunately, that’s not the way things work. In fact, sleeping too much can be just as harmful to your metabolism as sleeping too little. Continue reading

  • Proponents of Sleep Are Speaking Up

    Seems as if everywhere you look there are articles about the many business leaders who claim to thrive on minimal sleep. Recent headlines in the news have included, “19 Successful People Who Barely Sleep,” “The secret of success: Needing less sleep?” and “Do history’s greatest figures owe their success to sleeping LESS?” No matter how many of these articles are published, science says that it is unlikely that the people who are bragging about getting by on minimal sleep are in fact sleeping as little as they claim, and if they are then they are part of an exceedingly rare cohort of people who are known as short sleepers. For the rest of us, the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep every night is exactly what we need. The good news is that more and more captains of industry have decided to speak up and give equal time to the message that sleep is a good thing. Continue reading

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