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Sleep Disorders

  • Concerns Raised Over Teen “Junk Sleep”

    Sleep experts have coined a new phrase to describe a worrying trend among teens – the term is “junk sleep”, and it specifically refers to the fact that young people are not only not getting enough sleep, but that they sleep they are getting is of poor quality because of the presence of a bevy of electronic devices. Continue reading

  • New Research Links Untreated Sleep Problems to Earlier Mental Declines

    As if there weren’t enough clear and compelling reasons to address the critical health issue of obstructive sleep apnea and heavy snoring, researchers at New York University’s Center for Cognitive Neurology have just exposed another one — it turns out that people who have been diagnosed with apnea or who snore heavily but who aren’t treated for the problem are much more likely to develop degenerative brain issues at an earlier age than those who seek and continue treatment. Continue reading

  • Sleep and the Transportation Industry

    The National Geographic Channel recently produced and aired a special documentary titled “Sleepless in America” that focused on what the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has called a public health epidemic of sleep deprivation in the United States. One of the primary issues that the show addressed was the impact that drowsy driving has on the safety of America’s highways, and of the specific need for better controls on the part of the transportation industry. Continue reading

  • Britain Has Its Own Sleep Deprivation Epidemic

    It was early in 2014 that the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made its dramatic statement calling insufficient sleep a public health epidemic, and apparently, the citizens of America are not alone. That same epidemic is sweeping the United Kingdom and other countries as well, with a recent poll showing that the tendency to sleep less than seven hours per night is on the rise. Continue reading

  • Hypnosis Proven to Boost Restorative Sleep

    Though hypnosis has long had its doubters, it has long been offered up as an alternative for those who were suffering from insomnia. There are an enormous number of sleep hypnosis tapes and videos available online, and a burgeoning “sleep whisperer” industry that may not exactly entail hypnosis but offers a type of relaxation therapy that has its adherents and loyal followers. Despite anecdotal information and feedback about the success that insomniacs may have experienced from listening to these hypnosis tapes, a new scientific study is opening many eyes, as it has shown that hypnosis has real, measurable benefits for those suffering from sleep issues, and specifically for people whose slow wave sleep cycles are too short. Continue reading

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