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  • ASMR: Insomnia Cure or Internet Fad?

    With insomnia having a serious and very real impact on the quality of life of one out of every ten Americans, the search for an effective solution has gained momentum. While sleep researchers and scientists conduct their clinical studies and test innovative new drugs, many others who do not possess the same academic and clinical pedigree are trying to come up with treatments as well. Whether these offerings are the products of charlatans and modern-day snake oil salesmen is often difficult to discern, especially when those who try their product give glowing testimonials of their effectiveness and the relief that they have provided. Continue reading

  • The Sleep/Weight Continuum

    If you’re on a weight-loss quest, you may have heard something about the relationship between getting enough sleep and losing weight. At first glance, nothing could sound easier or more pleasant – sleeping more to lose more weight?

    The truth is that there is a very clear relationship between having a healthy weight and eating habits and getting adequate sleep, but if you’re somebody who is looking to lose several pounds in a relatively short amount of time, taking lots of naps, going to bed earlier or sleeping later is not going to do it for you. The sleep/weight continuum has much more to do with an overall healthy lifestyle and establishing habits that will have a lasting positive effect. Continue reading

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