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  • Persistent Insomnia Linked to Higher Risk of Mortality

    The connection between premature death and the inability to get a good night’s sleep is the subject of extensive study. Several researchers have already concluded that sleep deprivation and insomnia are linked to a number of serious health issues, but a recent study has made an important distinction: it has shown that the risk of premature death is far greater among those who have persistent insomnia then those who experience intermittent insomnia. Continue reading

  • Britain Has Its Own Sleep Deprivation Epidemic

    It was early in 2014 that the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made its dramatic statement calling insufficient sleep a public health epidemic, and apparently, the citizens of America are not alone. That same epidemic is sweeping the United Kingdom and other countries as well, with a recent poll showing that the tendency to sleep less than seven hours per night is on the rise. Continue reading

  • How Insomnia Actually Shrinks Your Brain

    While there’s no doubt that we have all had the experience of enduring a bad night of sleep and then spending the following day feeling like our I.Qs. had dropped significantly, recent research has revealed that our brains actually shrink when they have consistently been cheated of adequate sleep. A brain imaging study done on those suffering chronic insomnia revealed that they had lower gray matter density in the areas of the rain that control our decision-making then was the case with those who had adequate rest. Continue reading

  • The Costs of Insomnia

    When people think about insomnia, they tend to focus on the physiological and psychological impact that it has on the person who is having difficulty getting to sleep. If you mention the financial effects that insomnia has, they are likely to continue thinking of it in terms that reflect single patients: the cost of sleep aids, perhaps of doctor visits, maybe even of time taken off of work as a sick day due to fatigue. Continue reading

  • How Your Smart Phone is Impacting Your Sleep

    The number of Americans who are reporting having difficulty falling asleep each night is continuing to grow, and many of us are simply assuming that it is the fault of our advancing ages. The truth is, the inability to fall asleep and stay asleep has a whole lot more to do with what you’re doing right before you go to bed then with how old you are – in fact, it has everything to do with it. Continue reading

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