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Monthly Archives: January 2015

  • How Alcohol Affects Your Sleep

    If you have a tendency to lay in bed at night, staring at the ceiling and wishing you could fall asleep, chances are good that you’ve looked into all the different solutions and remedies that are available for sleeplessness. Though a trip to the doctor may provide you with a prescription for a sleep aid, most people prefer to go with a more natural or easily accessible method, and many turn to the traditional nightcap that they remember their grandma or grandpa taking before heading off to bed. Continue reading

  • Considering A Night Shift Job? Consider This

    Working the night shift is an invention of the industrial age — after all, working at night wasn’t really possible until the invention of the electric light bulb. Though the availability of night shift work may offer benefits to many, from a physiological standpoint it presents a number of problems, as it throws off the body’s clock and forces it into a schedule that invariably results in a shortened amount of sleep each day. Continue reading

  • Sleepless? Here are Four of the Top Sleep Stealers

    Sleep is arguably one of the most natural activities that we pursue, and one that we’ve been practicing since the days when we were in the womb, so it is somewhat untenable that so many of us have such a hard time with it. The epidemic of sleep deprivation that the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention says is afflicting the nation is of great concern, as health advocates have indicated that sleep is of equal importance to eating and getting enough exercise for our overall well being. Continue reading

  • International CES Showcases The Latest Sleep Technology

    The International CES, or Consumer Electronics Show, attracts thousands of manufacturers, developers and suppliers of the latest in technology, who show off their latest inventions. Each year’s show is a reflection of the interests and needs of the world’s consumers, and the industry represents over $200 billion dollars in the United States market alone. Continue reading

  • Portioning Your Sleep, and Improving It

    If getting more sleep, or improving the quality of the sleep that you’re getting, is your resolution for 2015, then there are a whole bunch of different approaches you can take. Some people are using the new year (and the post-holiday sales) to look at purchasing a new, comfy mattress. Others aren’t ready to make that kind of investment but still want to know what kind of changes they can make to improve on the sleep hat they’re getting. Continue reading

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