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Monthly Archives: November 2014

  • Is The Need for Eight Hours Straight of Sleep a Myth?

    Plenty of people who have found themselves struggling with insomnia have spent countless hours looking into the benefits of the available sleep medications and the proper sleep hygiene steps that they need to take, often to no avail. There is a certain level of frustration with being told that the bedroom is only to be used for sleeping when going through that motion doesn’t seem to provide any help, and the investment in high quality sheets and a new mattress just leave you feeling a whole lot more comfortable, but still staring at the ceiling. Continue reading

  • Are We Doing Sleep All Wrong?

    Think about the way we sleep. Whether you’re an insomniac or a person who is out like a light as soon as your head hits the pillow, whether your life operates on a typical nine-to-five workday schedule of you work on a late shift, there’s no doubt that you think about sleep as a single, eight-hour block of time that is followed by sixteen hours of wakefulness. Amazingly, a Virginia researcher has determined that that’s not the way things always were, and he wonders whether we’ve done ourselves a disservice by turning our back on the old ways. Continue reading

  • Aging and Sleep

    Adult children frequently find that much of the time spent with their aging parents is devoted to listening to them complain about their sleep problems. It has come to be accepted that poor sleep is just a part of being older, but the truth is that getting older does not mean that we have to lose sleep. Our sleep patterns do change as we age, but we still need the same amount of sleep that we do when we’re younger. We just go about it differently. Continue reading

  • Tips From A Sports Sleep Coach

    A sports sleep coach? Most people have never heard of a sleep coach, rather than one that is dedicated specifically to sports. But that is exactly what Nick Littlehales is. He is the person that athletes from golfers to soccer clubs to aspiring Olympic athletes contact for information on how they can improve their game. Littlehales is an expert in identifying where sleep deprivation and exhaustion is affecting physical and mental performance, and how to make improvements. Continue reading

  • Jawbone Ups Its Game with Even More Accurate Sleep Tracker

    As the holiday gift shopping season approaches, makers of sleep tracking devices are climbing on top of each other in order to be first in line with their newest entries into the sleep monitoring market. Jawbone has joined the pack with the Jawbone Up3, a new wearable device that uses a new feedback technology from which it generates its sleep data. The Up3 will feature metal-covered sensors that are inside of a wristband. They protrude slightly and press against the skin, ending an undetectable electrical current into the body in order to gather data based upon the resistance that it meets. Continue reading

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