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Why You Will Experience a Better Night's Sleep

Get a Better Night's Sleep

You should not have to compromise on comfort, especially if it means giving up on a good night's sleep.

Independent adjustability for both sides of the bed allow each of you to select your individual level of firmness and support.

You Are In Control of Your Comfort and Support

On ordinary beds, you are forced to conform to it. On an adjustable Thomasville® Synchrony™ air sleep system, your bed conforms to you! Using our state-of-the-art hand controls, just the press of a button allows you to create a firmer or softer sleep surface. A Supreme Synchrony™ sleep system has two individual air chambers that can be adjusted from 1 to 100, in single digit increments. Our Ultra sleep systems feature six individual adjustable air chambers (three per side). You can adjust your lumbar area separately from your head and feet. This feature is sure to delight anyone that has ever experienced back pain and received no relief on a regular mattress. You can find your perfect Support Index, from 1 to 100, and remain in control of these sleep settings for the life of your mattress.

No Compromise Mattress for Couples

Most couples will not agree on the ideal firmness of their mattress. And for good reason. Your body shape, weight, height and preferred sleep position are all a factor in what level of comfort and support you prefer. You may need a soft sleep surface, but your partner may need a firm sleep surface in order to experience their ideal level of comfort and support. The Thomasville® Synchrony™ sleep system features independent adjustability for both sides of the bed, allowing each of you to select your individual level of firmness and support. No more compromising, at least where your sleep is concerned.

Separate Lumber Adjustment

Lower back pain is one of the most common problems people have. Between 60 - 80% of adults in the U.S. have lower back pain, and it is the second most common reason people go to the doctor. Back pain is more likely to keep you awake when your sleeping position and/or sleep surface provides no relief. The Thomasville® Synchrony™ Ultra series of sleep systems feature a separate lumbar section that adjusts independently form the head and foot. If you have more control over the level of support in the area where you are experiencing the most pain and discomfort it naturally follows that you will enjoy greater relief as well.

Customize Your Bed to Suit You

All of the adjustable Thomasville® Synchrony™ sleep systems use air as the support core. You are able to increase or decrease the level of comfort and support as you desire. A properly aligned and supported body will experience less tossing and turning. When you toss and turn less, you sleep more, and you sleep deeper. It is the deeper sleep that your body needs in order to rejuvenate itself and remain healthy. Everyone should be focused more on the quality of your sleep rather than the quantity. The choice is yours.

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