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Caring for Your Synchrony Sleep System

Removable, Drycleanable Cover

The removable, dry-cleanable cover ensures you will always have a clean, hygienic sleep surface.

Your new sleep system is designed to provide you with years of refreshing, restorative sleep. With minimal and simple care you can keep your sleep system looking and performing the same as the day you brought it home.

Cleaning Your Mattress

The cover of your Thomasville® Synchrony™ Sleep System can be completely zipped off and professionally dry cleaned. You can also spot clean using carbonated water and a white cloth or towel. Do not attempt to wash the cover yourself in a washing machine. The unique zip-off feature also allows you to completely remove your Synchrony™ cover so that you can easily ventilate your mattress and air out your cover, if so desired. Do not apply stain guard, as it may yellow the fabric.

Caring for the Micro Pure Fabric Sleeve

The Micro-Pure™ anti-microbial fabric sleeve surrounding the foam comfort layer(s) of the Thomasville® Synchrony™ Sleep Systems can be completely zipped off and machine washed and dried. The anti-microbial properties of the fabric ensure you are protected from unwanted contaminants and the moisture barrier protects the rubber air core from condensation. The foam sleeve also protects the foam from accidental spills or soiling.

Cleaning the Hand Controls

Your Synchrony™ hand controls are sealed, and should remain so at all times. If your control needs cleaned, wipe with a clean damp (not wet) cloth with a mild soap and water solution. Do not apply hand sanitizers or allow other liquid to penetrate the control. The display screen can be wiped clean with a dry, lint free cloth. DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER.

Moving Your Sleep System

You can move your Sleep System anywhere there is an electrical outlet. Both the mattress and optional foundation of your Thomasville® Synchrony™ Sleep System are lightweight and can easily be moved anywhere there is a 110 volt electrical outlet to plug in the processor. There is no need for disassembly of any kind, since your Synchrony™ Sleep System and optional foundation are both one piece components. Before unhooking your mattress be sure to fill up your chambers with air, then unlink the hose connections to the air pump. Your mattress will stay inflated thanks to the one way valve in the rubber hose that prevents air loss when the mattress is disconnected from the processor. We recommend boxing up the air pump and controls in their original boxes to prevent possible damage when moving your sleep system to a new home.

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